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1959 Jaguar MK 2 Restoration:

1959 Jaguar MKII 2.4 #100220, 4 speed with overdrive. 61,000 miles

Buried MK 2 after a barn collapsed on it after a snow storm.


What have you done to this MKII you ask?

You will just have to wait and see!

We made up a rear frame and mock up panels to get and idea of how things are going to look.



Engine Before and After.

Engine completely rebuilt. Twin Solex carbs replaced with Twin DGV (Twin Throat) Webers. Electronic Ignition, Alternator and AC Compressor installed.

Jaguar Pickup??!!

I prefer to call it a Jaguar "Ute".

"Ute = Utility vehicle. In New Zealand and Australia it's a vehicle based on the same platform as a family car but with a unibody construction and a built-in open tray (bed/box) area for carrying goods where the rear seats and the boot (trunk) would be. It is similar but not identical to a pick-up truck"

Some examples of Utes



A new Holden Ute soon to be sold as a Pontiac in the USA .... Well I guess this went down the drain with the death of Pontiac!


Holden VE Ute TV Commercial


Al's Liner - Bedliner and Undeseal

UTV Parts and

Custom Metals Signs

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