Welcome to Bad Sheep Farm


Being from New Zealand one has to have a few sheep around!

These girls and one guy are North Country Cheviots a breed from the highlands of Scotland.



The first lamb of 2005 born on April 3rd. She had to be bottle fed and lived in the house until she could be weaned. Yes she does have diapers on and got on very well with the dog!




This is April one year later, she also gets called "baby sheep 200". That was her ear tag number which she ripped out of her ear trying to get though the cat door into the house, she is now a little too big for the cat door!  April in March 2009 with her baby Daisy

















This is Annie, Its a shame they have to grow up! The same can be said for the kids too I guess!



If you have sheep you have to have a sheep dog, who says that a Pit Bull can't be a sheep dog, she (Haven the dog, not the kid) does a wonderful job! Ruby also "helps" out.



















Thanks for Looking.





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